If Kevin Costner Can Fix an Oil Spill, Then Tom Hanks Should at Least Build a Bestselling iPad App

Remember these? No, no you really don't. You're not fooling anyone but yourself.

Remember these? No, no, you really don’t. You’re not fooling anyone but yourself.

It’s a world where anything is possible. One day, you win an Oscar for your dissertation on the hidden substance of bonbons vis-à-vis Schrödinger’s cat; the next, you bring your fascination with old-timey mechanical doodads to a primed-and-ready steampunk-crazed consumer base with iPads. God bless you, Tom Hanks, for all that you do.

In all fairness, Hanx Writer is pretty cute. The Five-Timer Club member and famed typewriter collector recently joined forces with what we have to assume is one or more developers (unless he’s coding now (!)) to translate his typewriter love-fest into a language that both kids and adults understand. It’s inedible Frosted Mini-Wheats, basically.

The mega-popular Hanx Writer — the number one free app in the App Store as of today — takes ordinary word processing functionality and dresses it up with the atavistic mechanical sounds, Courier font, and animated type guide that recalls a time when writing meant something. Sean Connery’s William Forrester would be proud.

Hanks himself understands that his app isn’t ideal for term papers or legal briefs, but envisions it more for journal entries, love letters, and the like. His eyesight seems to be working just fine. We can all truly be the man now, dog. From Mashable: http://mashable.com/2014/08/18/tom-hanks-typewriter-app/.