David Galper Biography

david galperPrior to becoming an entrepreneur and launching multiple ventures of his own, David Galper graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Environmental Studies from Brandeis University and an M.B.A. from the MIT Sloan School of Management. Upon graduating, he was a  Technology & Innovation Management consultant at Arthur D. Little. While employed for the company, Galper helped numerous businesses get established and worked with the research and development teams of start-up companies as well as Fortune 100 companies to complete market research for their products and technologies and develop their first collaborations and sales. David Galper also was employed at Idealab, one of the leading technology incubators, where he was Director of Business Development. After Galper launched Ruckus, he continued to grow and expand the company as an “Entrepreneur-In-Residence” (EIR) at Battery Ventures.

David Galper is a business person that is familiar with starting and expanding businesses. He launched and held the position of president at two technology start-up companies prior to pursuing his own venture in 2003. While digital downloading became more popular, Galper co-founded Ruckus Network with Vince Han, a legal digital entertainment service and social networking site for higher education institutions, their students and alumni. Both Galper and Han are local Boston businessmen who were able to quickly notice that there was a huge business opportunity and market in allowing people, especially the college population, to legally download music online. Besides sitting on the Board of Directors for Ruckus Network, Galper also led the marketing and development of the business by serving as Vice President of Marketing. He also held the position of Vice President of Corporate Development and handled licensing content and the creation of strategic partnerships to monetize all of platform’s subscribers. Ruckus was eventually bought by Total Music, a joint venture of Sony BMG and Universal Music Group. During his time at the company, Galper was able to grow Ruckus by successfully raising capital and closing  multiple profitable deals with over 80 colleges and universities for Ruckus’s music services.

He currently resides in Massachusetts and enjoys playing hockey and watching the Red Sox.