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David Galper in the Media

“David Galper, the co-founder of Napster competitor Ruckus Network, calls a campus digital music alliance “one of the best bangs for the buck. He helped start Ruckus because of what he calls an “extremely frustrating” experience trying to get music in his dorm room. “It would take hours to track down what we wanted. There were viruses and spyware, and throw into that the impending threat of lawsuits. It seemed there had to be a better way.” – USA Today

“The students who’ve been descending on university campuses this month have much higher expectations than I did during my undergrad years. They expect not just a cinderblock room with a phone line and a dark corner to stash dirty laundry. They demand cable TV, broadband Internet, and hot-and-cold running digital music, says David Galper, the cofounder of Ruckus Network.” –